Why do I need Energy Testing?

 On January 1, 2011, Georgia adopted the 2009 version of the International Energy Code. This meant all new residential homes must have energy testing completed and reported in order to obtain a certificate of occupancy.

What is Energy Testing?

Energy testing consists of two types of tests.  The first is the duct leakage or tightness test which confirms the ducts, plenum, and air handlers are air tight compliant. This test can be performed at either pre-drywall or after completion of home in conjunction with building envelope test.  The advantage of having ducts tested at pre-drywall is the builder will benefit from a thorough thermal bypass checklist inspection.

The second test is the blower door or building envelope that verifies the “air tightness” of the house is state complaint . This test is performed after construction completion and required before obtaining the certificate of occupancy. 

What is a HERS rating?

HERS= Home Energy Rating System. The HERS index/score/rating is what determines the energy efficiency of a house.

 How is the HERS rating determined?

A certified HERS rater from Southern Construction Consulting and Services, Inc., will work with the builder from plan review including periodic site visits and comprehensive testing.

The rater will consider the design of the home, the materials used in construction, the construction practices of the builder and the equipment such as the HVAC system and water heater.

Why do I need third party QC inspections?

Southern Construction Consulting and Services, Inc., offers third party inspections for quality control that exceed county and city requirements to ensure the residential single or multifamily structure meets International Construction Code.