Southern Construction Consulting and Services Inc., installs radon reduction systems according to EPA standards.  Additionally, we will test your home two months after installation to insure the radon level have decreased to EPA acceptable levels.  We have Certified Radon Mitigation Technicians and carry liability insurance specifically to install radon reduction systems.

Radon reduction or mitigation systems can be installed in crawlspaces, basements or attics.  The system will consist of pipe,  fan, manometer and alarm.  The pipe provides a way for the radon to travel from below the slab or concrete and be exhausted into the air above the home while the fan “pulls” the radon into the pipe.  To ensure the fan is working properly a manometer is installed on the pipe with an alarm so if the fan stops working, it will alert the homeowner.

Green light demonstrating fan is working

If the system is installed so the pipe exits the side  of the home (an exterior system), the manometer and alarm will be installed on the pipe exiting slab with the fan on the exterior of the home.

Radon pipe exiting crawlspace with fan installed.
Exterior pipe from basement with fan installed.

If the system installed so the pipe exits through the attic (an interior system), the fan, manometer and alarm will be installed on the attic pipe.

Pipe exhausting radon gas from attic.

For an exterior system, the pipe that exits the slab will be routed along the basement or crawlspace ceiling to the where pipe exits through the side of the house.

Pipe along ceiling of crawlspace

Pipe exiting basementIf a crawlspace is dirt, it must have a gas barrier installed over the dirt so the radon gas will be routed to exit through a pipe.  The barrier is sealed to the pipe, walls, columns and any other penetrations.

Pipe exiting gas barrier.